Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)


What is BBL? Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure that enlarges the shape of the buttock by your own fats to obtain a more voluminous appearance. This procedure is completely natural and safe with experienced doctors since your own fats will be used to create a more defined and better body. It consists of two main steps that begin with liposuction. Our surgeon uses Nano Fat Grafting method. What happens during this procedure? Liposuction: It is the first step for Brazilian butt lift surgery. The excessive fat from designated areas will be removed. During this stage, it is aimed to have thinner waist and flatter abdomen to obtain the hourglass-shaped body. For the fat removal procedure, the surgeon carefully sculpts the body to create a slimming effect in areas that need less fat. In the light of this goal, fats are extracted from the body and stored with the help of special thin liposuction cannulas. There are various of liposuction techniques that will be considered by your surgeon according to your condition. Fat transferring (grafting): After the removal of the fats from unwanted areas, now it is time to transfer them to the desired areas like hips or buttocks. Creating symmetry is the key for this step. It is important to harvest enough and balanced fat to each side to achieve the best result. Prime Health Concept are committed to providing you with the best available experienced doctors who are very talented and experienced. Deciding where fat removal will be performed is very important since it effects the overall result. Those areas will be determined with the patient and the surgeon during the physical consultation. It is important to understand the patient’s needs and requests to obtain the desired result. In conclusion, with this procedure, the patient may obtain great body contouring with augmented buttocks, a slimmer waist, and a flatter tummy. How many days do I need to stay in Turkey? 5 days stay in Turkey is required for this procedure. Our price for BBL and what’s included and excluded. The cost for this procedure is €4,495. This includes your flight tickets which we will book for you. (We require a €500 deposit for flight bookings)Prime Health Concept Airport assistance upon exiting the plane, airport transfers, surgery, hospital stay, hotel stay, English speaking carers, surgery garments, post op medication and aftercare.