What is Otoplasty? Otoplasty or ear surgery is plastic surgery to correct aesthetic or functional issues in the ear area. The procedure can reposition and reshape the ears and treat any structural problems or injury-related deformations. What happens during this procedure? Otoplasty usually takes from two to three hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. Incisions are made at the back of the ears in most cases, or in the front within the ear’s natural contours to make the incisions less noticeable during the healing process. The cartilage is reshaped, and stitches are applied to close the incisions.Otoplasty is a procedure sought for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. In the former, patients seek to correct aesthetic issues such as protruding, misshapen, deformed, or excessively large ears, while reconstructive surgery is done to fix the structural problems present at birth or caused by an injury. How many days do I need to stay in Turkey? This procedure requires 7 days stay in Turkey. What is the cost and what’s included? The cost for this procedure is €3,570. This package includes flight tickets (500 Euro deposit required) Prime Health Concept Airport assistance upon exiting the plane, airport transfers, hospital stay, hotel stay, English speaking carers and aftercare.