Penis Enlargement


What is Penis Enlargement Surgery? Penis enlargement surgery, also known as phalloplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure designed to enlarge, augment the size, length and/or girth of the penis. Men looking to undergo penile augmentation seek to feel more confident and also to treat several issues associated with an undersized penis, such as performance anxiety, impotence as well as many other psychological insecurities. There are a handful of reasons why male patients opt for a penis enlargement procedure. Below are some of the most common reasons for penile augmentation surgery: Genetic malformation Medical functionality Confidence/anxiety. What happens during this procedure? Our surgeon uses Nano fat grafting for this procedure. The surgery will require general or local anaesthesia. Immediately after the surgery, you will notice that your penis is larger in size (length and girth), when flaccid and erect. Patients should refrain from sexual intercourse for 1 month post surgery. How long do I need to stay in Turkey? 3-4 days stay is required in Turkey depending on your arrival date/time. What is the cost and what’s included? The cost for Penis Enlargement surgery is €4,070- If a second session is needed the cost is €3,370. This package includes flight tickets (500 Euro deposit required) Prime Health concept Airport assistance upon exiting the plane, airport transfers, 1 night hospital stay, English speaking careers, 2 nights hotel stay and aftercare.