The Role Of A Personal Assistance


If you do not want to bring a companion with you, yet are a bit nervous about going through your chosen procedure(s) on your own in a foreign country, please rest assured thatyou do not have to be because we are with you every step of the way. When you arrive at the airport a member of our personel will be there to meet you. Prime Health Concept are the only medical tourism company that have office inside the airport itself. This office is is staffed 24/7 for your benefit and assurance. You will then be taken, by our office personel, to the transport which will take you to the hospital/medical facility/hotel (whichever is applicable in your case). You will not be left wandering around the airport wondering what to do next, or left to exit the airport looking for your transport. From the time that you exit passport control at the airport WE ARE WITH YOU. AND when you are leaving Turkey a member of our airport office personel will take you from your transport and guide you through the airport/departure procedures. When you arrive at your hospital/medical facility one of our Personal Assistance-Carers [PA-C] will be there to greet you at the door, and from there on in will be available to you 24/7. Your Personal Assistance-Carer will: take you through all your registration procedures/paperwork, etc. translate for you whenever necessary, be by your side – – while you go for all your tests and specialist medical consultations – as you are taken to the theatre, – in the Aftercare Unit when you wake up from your procedure, – during your surgeon’s daily check-up rounds, – each time a medical nurse attends you, be there for you whenever you just want a little chat, even during the night if you cannot sleep, or just to walk around the corridors with you (walking aids your recovery). Even if you come with a companion, your PA-C will be there for you for all of the above. We respect the fact you like your own personal time/space, but your PA-C will be there for you whenever you want, for whatever reason. They have all the time in the world for you if you just want to chat, or they can just sit and watch a film with you – whatever YOU want. You will never feel alone while you are with us at ‘Prime Health Concept’. NB: Please be aware that our PA-Cs’ responsibility towards you also includes constantly monitoring your nursing care, testing procedures, hospital facilities, hospital cleanliness, etc.etc. so you can be relaxed knowing that they are there for you in everyway. Each of our PA-Cs give daily reports to the Senior PA-C. Our Senior PA-C (along with a member of our Admin Team), is in constant daily liaison with a senior member of the hospital/medical facility’s management department. Any concerns, however small, raised by you, or one of our PA-Cs, are thus dealt with immediately.