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Thank you for opening our website to learn more about us, and taking the time to do so. You can either stroll down and read about our background/us section by section, OR, you can click on one of the sub-headings below to be taken directly to the specific query that interest you. If you have any questions, or require any clarification, about any of the information provided here, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Administration Team on any of our social media platforms, Whatsapp, email us, or go to our ‘Chat Now’ box – we look forward to talking with you. What are Mission and Vision Statements? AND, Why we, at ‘Prime Health Concept’, have created our own



What are Mission and Vision Statements? AND, Why we, at ‘Prime Health Concept’, have created our own Below are our company’s Mission Statement and Vision Statement. They are used as a guiding light/principle(s) for all those involved with ‘Prime Health Concept’ (directors included). These statements have been created to ensure that we never lose sight of: who we are, what we are, why we started this company, and where we want to take this company. Although our Mission and Vision Statements are, as noted, primarily for ALL those involved with our company we have included them here to help you ‘SEE US’ and for you to better understand who we. Prime Health Concept’s Mission Statement: Everything we do is about OUR CLIENTS. We are a strong team, with many years of combined experience in medical and customer services, dedicated to offering our clients the most affordable prices, with no compromise whatsoever on the quality of: their medical treatment, or our customer service (before, during AND after treatment), which is second to none. While they are with us in Turkey we will provide our clients with



Prime Health Concept’s Vision Statement: To be a highly respected service leader in the world of medical tourism, renowned for being:- the most customer-centric company in this sector, the company whose name is synonymous with ‘the highest quality’ and ‘empathic and caring’, a company with character and integrity, that is ALWAYS transparent and honest in all our dealings with our clientele and other businesses, and a company that gives back to our personnel and to others (especially children). This vision is what motivates and drives us. “Health is Wealth” Who are we? We are a young company, established in 2022. Although newly established, ALL our Directors, General Manager, and staff [teams of Administrators, Personal Assistance-Carers and Aftercare Advisors], have a vast range of knowlege, skills, and experience in the medical and customer service sectors – they are the best of the best! ——————– 0 ——————– Prime Health Concept’s Owner and Directors AND How the establishment of our company came about “The character of a company is a reflection of the character of its leader” (Sarah) Rhianne Küçükkaplan – CEO & General Manager [Sarah] Rhianne Küçükkaplan is not only the owner of ‘Prime Health Concept’ but she is also the CEO and General Manager. She has triple nationality (British and Irish through her mother, and Turkish through her father)



Susan Küçükkaplan – Ameliyat Sonrası Bakım Hizmetleri Direktörü ve Ameliyat Sonrası Bakım Danışmanları Ekibinin Lideri Susan Küçükkaplan’ın üç uyruğu vardır (babası aracılığıyla İngiliz, annesi aracılığıyla İrlandalı ve eşi aracılığıyla Türk). Susan, Ameliyat Sonrası Bakım Ekibinin Lideridir (‘lider’i’ yönetici’ye tercih eder). Ve evet – Rhianne ile aynı soyadı var – o Rhianne’nin annesi



The More Family the Better Among the knowledgeable, experience and skilled personnel working for Prime Health Concept are Rhainne’s two sisters. With a business degree, her sister Lauren brings her professional expertise and experience to the position of Office Administrator. Rhianne’s other sister, Shauna (a very experience hospital carer in the medical tourism sector), is the Manager of Prime Health Concept’s airport office and lounge



You Are Who You Decide to Be! Why we believe that it is essential (for YOUR sake) that Prime Health Concept is an independent company What does it mean to be an ‘independent company’? An independent medical tourism company means that no hospital, or other medical facility, has any ownership whatsoever in it. We believe that if a medical tourism company is wholley, or partially, owned by a hospital or other medical facility a ‘conflict of interest’ is created – this is not benefical for you. The reason that this puts you (the client) at a disadvantage is because



So, if we are independent, what is our agreement with the hospitals and medical facilities that we have chosen to work with? Our only agreement with any hospital/medical facility is



As Nike says – “Just do it” Under what criteria do we choose hospitals and medical facilities to work with? With our combined extensive knowledge of the Turkish medical system between us, we have chosen facilities that not only have surgical personnel consisting of surgeons, anaesthesiologists, senior theatre nurses, etc. that are: highly trained, exceptional skilled, and with vast amounts of experience, but also have the best



“You have the power to change your future” In conclusion Do you know the following quote from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’? “Though she be but little, she is fierce” Well, a similar one applies to us, “Though our company be but young, we are very, very strong”!!! ☺ We Listen to … We Help YOU … We Empower YOU … We Support YOU … We Listen to … … YOU … what you say … who you are … what you want … what you need We Help YOU … … with any queries that you have about your procedure … attain whatever procedure that you want, at an affordable price … and guide you through your paperwork/bookings, etc. … by obtaining the best surgical and nursing team for your procedure We Empower YOU … … by giving all the information that you need to make an informed decision concerning your chosen procedure … we give you the negatives alongside the positives so that you are able to make a decision that is right for YOU … by always giving you the respect of treating you with integrity, and always being transparent and honest with you … by ensuring that you are aware that we always put your health first and that you are ALWAYS safe We Support YOU … … from the moment you come through the airport, until you return to the airport to go home, a member of our staff is available for you – the only time that we leave you is when you are in the theatre (we also respect your privacy, personal space, and need to be alone at times) … as your translator – whatever you need to ask or say, we are there to ensure that your voice is heard … as from experience we know that medical procedures have rollercoaster effects on our emotions – we are there for YOU … as your ardent advocate – we will ensure that your needs, and emotions, are respected Our Promise to You If you have read our Mission and Vision Statements (earlier in this section) you will have noted that these are our promises, and guides, to ourselves. As you read through the various sub-sections in this ‘chapter’ of ‘About Us’ we hope that you have been able to develop an understanding of who we are. To reinforce this we have written a ‘Promise’ to YOU, our client. Our Promise to You [NB: Not one of these promises has more importance over another – each one is equal, & interdependent, upon each others] We will NEVER put pressure on any potential client to book through us – rather we will build our business through creating a reputation for honesty, integrity and honour We will always ensure that whatever medical procedure you receive, or whichever medical facility you attend, you will always receive the very ‘best of the best’ Our unstincting loyalty is to you, and only you – even after you have completed your medical procedure we will always be there for you YOUR health – emotional and physical, will always be our first priority – we will NEVER put financial gain over YOU We will ALWAYS respect your individuality and create personalised care plans that recognise & uphold this We will always care for you with respect, kindness and empathy, and ensure that all others do do so as well AND, Whenever we give our word we will stand by it